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Spit Rainox 12x30 M8 inox - Raumer

Spit Rainox 12x30 M8 inox - Raumer

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Art. 130 – Bolt RAINOX (Ø12x30)

We have made some important changes than previous anchor.

  • Material: stainless steel AISI 316L
  • The surface of "clinging" of the end portion presents a cross-knurling, a characteristic which makes it very performant in resistance to extraction.
  • The cone is also in AISI 316L pre-assembled and factory, has been modified. The new size makes the anchor adapted to be secured also in rocks not particularly hard. In substance it may spread apart further the ends of the dowel. 
  • Anchor size very similar to the classic self-drilling SPIT M8.


  • Anchor completely steel, fast piling, extremely durable, safe and reliable.
  • Visibility almost nothing
  • Lower price of its namesake "self-drilling".
  • The striker is reusable.


Make a hole Ø12 to 31 mm in depth using the drill or manually with a triangle tip (art.105 or other appropriate) and fixed on the perforator STROKER (or other type of "piantaspit").

ATTENTION!!! The hole must be absolutely clean and dust-free drilling, before inserting the Rainox.
Introduce the RAINOX M8 equipped with the striker art.131 and decided by hammering it reaches the final fixing.
Removed, by unscrewing it, the firing pin used for driving, using a 13 mm wrench.
At this point we can use the anchor RAINOX with a adequate plate (for example Article 117) by tightening the screw M8 on the internal thread anchor.

The driving system is ideal to use the drill STROKER instead of "precursor" hardened even if in this way the whole thing becomes a bit 'more work ...
NOTE: The expansion is guaranteed even if the bottom of the hole is not flat but tapered (made with SDS plus ....).

ATTENTION!!! During the percussion with the hammer can happen the sudden breaking of the firing pin, given its relative fragility (is hardened ...), with projection of fragments or of the head that they may inflict serious injury (eyes, etc.)
to themselves or to other people. It recommends the use of protective gear.
The company disclaims RAUMER as of now any liability for accidents caused by this driving system.


Weight: 22 gr


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